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What is “QuickTips”?

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“QuickTips” is a small weblog managed from Italy and written by an Italian EFL teacher.

Italian education is far from being technologically ready to face the web 2.0 revolution, but its will to improve and to learn is great and real. I teach English to Italian young learners and this has helped me a lot in surfing the web, improving my ITC knowledge and merging it with my everyday teaching. But if most of the teachers among the Internet users do speak English, many others don’t. There are still too many really good teachers in my country who use the Internet and the pc just to write or send emails ignoring its many useful tools and the wider possibilities given by the Web. And as the Internet in the English language spreads among the English-speaking world teacher net, it inevitably shrinks the possibilities to be better managed by the many others who can’t speak English at all…


I love this comic :)

The main aim of this blog is to (prevent our computer to react like that 😉 and….) suggest further ways to explore the ITC and the Internet, realize their power and mix it with education. In my posts you’ll find some useful applications, websites, tips and software that I’ve found while surfing the web and which I believe to be able to improve the teaching and the ITC knowledge of my many Italian colleagues in order to teach English and other subjects in a more positive and modern way. That is the primary reason why this blog is written in Italian.

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Can’t you speak Italian?

If you are an Edublogs user and don’t know Italian, please notice that every post of this blog contains a great deal of references to web apps, websites and tips written in English. Most of the categories are in English and every link points to outer posts in the web that you will certainly find easier to read, being them written in English as well. So, don’t step away but follow the picture, the tip and the link. I’m sure you’ll find something useful for your computer, for your own blog and for your teaching.

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15 thoughts on “Help

  1. ciao
    ho creato un percorso con tinymap ma non riesco a capire come posso cpiare e incollare la cartina ottenuta in un qualunque documento (megli ose word) mi puoi dare una mano?
    grazie in anticipo

  2. Ciao anna, ho passato l’intera mattina (di sciopero) a visitare i tuo blog che trovo utilissimo, i miei complimenti, dunque. Insegno francese, vorrei quindi chiederti se conosci, se hai incontrato nelle tue ricerche, blog didattici in merito a tale lingua. Ti ringrazio.

  3. ciao arianna, grazie:) in merito al francese, conosco questo qui:
    può essere un punto di partenza per altri blog didattici anche perché contiene davvero tanti link. appena trovo qualcos’altro di appropriato, lo inserisco nel blog, promesso.

  4. Good luck with this! I know that you are familiar with our site ( but we are also doing a blog now to try and encourage teachers to use the Internet as a learning tool – it’s amazing how many still shy away from IT…

  5. I love the easy way I could read this in english? Is there an easy way to make my English website readable in other languages? I love that idea! I make games for the MacMillan McGraw-Hill Reading Series Treasures for USA, as well as putting some of the best reading/language arts sites that I find from all over the world.
    I like what I’ve read here- and especially the fact that I COULD read it- the option to change the language was so prominent.
    Have a nice day!

    ~~~~~~~~ sharnon007

  6. Hello. As far as I know, there could be 2 ways: using the Google Translator tool (you can read about it and how to install it in your blog here) or the useful Wibiya, a tool bar with many functions including the translation.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Thank you for linking to our free calendar site at and sending us traffic. We have added a link to your site to our main page and will leave it up there as long as we keep seeing this great traffic from you — thank you very much!

    Galit Fraser, Owner
    My Calendar Maker family of sites

  8. ciao! ho visto un planisfero per bambini pubblicato su questo blog a gennaio 2009 UN MONDO A ICONE.
    mi piacerebbe acquistarlo puoi aiutarmi a rintracciare la casa editrice o il sito presso il quale acquistarlo ??

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